Robert Mallet Stevens-Villa Cavrois

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Architect : Robert MALLET STEVENS

Croix - France

Manufacturing lighting and clocks : Raphaël ARMAND

Master manager : Michel Agency GOUTAL
Chief Architect of HistoricalMonuments : Béatrice GRANDSARD

Client : Centre des Musées Nationaux

Period for completion : 2012/2013

This monument had been neglected and damaged for years when the French State took care : Villa Carvois was built up and confided to Centre des Monuments Nationaux (CMN)

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Horloges de la Villa
robert mallet stevens horloge villa cavrois

“This building vividly shows Robert Mallet-Stevens’design. He brushed aside the neverending criticism about new constructions’ boredom. Without sacrificing the blueprint ’s special requirements, one may smoothly play with volumes in space and even create a scenic whole. "
Leon Loussinac-1931

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