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Lighting : your inner atmosphere turned into the outlined and refined mood from the Art-deco and Modernist spirit of the thirties.

He is an hybrid of a craftsman and an architect. Raphael Armand designs and manufactures lighting fixtures respecting proportions and style. Each item is manufactured to be adapted both to the scale of a building as or a private house (...) No standard item listed in the catalog, but a specific upstream work integrally linked to the architecture of the place.. (...) Work is manual ; one can feel the omnipresent masters’influence ,the architects Robert Mallet-Stevens, Josef Hoffman, Le Corbusier and Tony Garnier. Thus, archival research is a daily quest.

“Geometric-shaped metal structures combined with glass, blending into most of the twentieth century’s interiors" Robert Mallet Stevens

Raphael Armand’s lightings are build upon “avant-garde”architects’spirit from artistic movements such as Art and Craft, Futurism, Bauhaus, Cubism, De Stijl, Suprematism, Constructivism and Art Deco. Let’s discover a range of chandeliers, ceiling lights, suspensions, floor lamps,wall-sconces and lighting structures

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