Mansion by architect Robert Mallet Stevens

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Mansion by architect Robert Mallet Stevens
Rue Mallet Stevens
Built in 1926-1927

Manufacturing of all fixtures and the locksmith was entrusted to

“Raphaël Armand Luminaires”

Former Robert Mallet Stevens mansion, Paris.
Built in 1927

Restitution of all lighting fixtures
Design and production of lanterns and lights, plated-steel handrails and radiator cover

Restoration of a large polygonal 14-sides ceiling light 
Included in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments building

Master Manager : Agency MICAUX, DGLP and DESCHCMA

Completion period : 2012/2013

©rue Robert Mallet Stevens Villa Cavrois, casino SAINT-JEAN-DE-LUZ

The different buildings were all designed by the architect Robert MALLET STEVENS between 1927 and 1928 
Stained-glasses of the stairway designed by BARRILLET
Handtrail by the ironworker Jean PROUVÉ.

Robert Mallet Stevens

Until 1940, Robert Mallet Stevens and his family lived in.
In 1945, after his death, his wife, daughter and grand-daughter had been living there for several years. In the fifties, each level of the old hotel was separately sold .

In 1955 , the architect MARTY renovated the entrance hall of the building : all fixtures were removed.

In October 2012, the project to restore the lobby and stairwells was entrusted to the architect Marie Hélène MICAUX.

Manufacturing of all fixtures and the locksmith was entrusted to “Raphaël Armand Luminaires”

"Mallet- Stevens had the opportunity to provide, in 1927, an eloquent demonstration of his ideas by building in Paris , in the district of Auteuil , a whole street (today bearing his name) built up with a series of following mansions. He brushed aside the never-ending criticism about new constructions’ boredom. Without sacrificing the blueprint special requirements, one may smoothly play with volumes in space and even create a scenic whole."
Leon Loussinac -1931

hôtel particulier de Robert Mallet Stevens, Paris
Rue du docteur blanche

Light structure in cross ©Lighting robert mallet stevens france paris villa cavrois cache radiateur

©Monument Historique eclairage art deco

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