Louis Vuitton in Cannes (France)

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Louis vuitton luminaires de la boutique à Cannes

Polished brass lighting
Chandelier entirely designed in brass, polished finish.
More than 60 pieces of assembly
Raphaël Armand Lighting ©

Unique copy for a luxury store in France
March 2013


No standard parts listed in the catalog, but a specific work upstream integrally related to the architecture of places.

Lustre art deco boutique vuitton

Antiquaire training, specializing in the art-deco period lighting, Raphael
Armand is today defined as the hybrid between an artist and an architect of the light, whose stated goal is the creation and the manufacture of lighting fixtures in the respect of the proportions and the style.

The work is of course manual and the influence of the masters in the matter, that were the architects Robert Mallet-Stevens, Josef Hoffman, Le Corbusier or Tony Garnier,
omnipresent. The search for archives is a daily quest for this regular Puces du Canal and the auction houses and a reference period piece is a real treasure hunt.

Its goal : to develop in the years to come these projects of rehabilitation in matters of lighting, that they appear on historical buildings as at private individuals. Many French and European cities still have an important heritage of buildings typical of the 1930s, hence the potential to explore.
Let there be light !"

Par Philippe Jayet pour les affiches Lyonnaises

Louis vuitton luminaires de la boutique à Cannes

Ibis ©art deco chandelier and lighting in Paris cote d'azure France

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